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Productivity Driven Success

The Hidden Secrets of Organizational Efficency

Two Day Workshop

Based on the book "Productivity Driven Success", productivity improvement should never be your final goal. It should simply be a conduit to free up the time, money and resources needed to drive organizational success.
This workshop widens your perspective on productivity enhancement and outlines a strategy to assure your efforts are aligned with corporate goals, holistic in nature, systematic in implementation, and measurable. It goes on to describe the six "Productivity Enables" that make improvement possible, "Productivity Amplifiers" designed to maximize organizational efficiency, and the process that makes it happen.

Key Concepts
  • The Productivity Fallacy
  • Opportunity Cost
  • Productivity Driven Reinvestment
  • Productivity Linking and Mapping
The Productivity Pyramid
  1. Goal Alignment
  2. Holistic Mindset
  3. Conducive Culture
  4. Amplification
  5. Measurement
  6. Reinvestment
  7. Reiteration
Productivity Enablers
  • Cultural Awareness
  • Innovative MindsetHolistic Mindset
  • Management FocusConducive Culture
  • Employee CommunicationAmplification
  • Self and Organizational LearningMeasurement
  • Conflict Avoidance and ResolutionReinvestment
Productivity Amplifiers
  • Constructive Delegation
    • Eight Step Process to Maximize Delegation Effectiveness
    • The Three Parts of Every Job
    • Prioritized Delegation Maximizes Throughput
    • Programmed and Lateral Thinking Based Delegation
    • Multi-Taskers and Single-Taskers Based Delegation
  • Ongoing Process Improvement
    • o The value of process measuremen
    • o Process Improvement Method
  • Communication Efficiency
    • One-on-one discussions
    • One-on-one collaboration
    • One-to-many communication
    • Many-to-many interaction
    • Email
  • Knowledge Storage and Transfer>
    • Knowledge Creation
    • Knowledge Retention
    • Knowledge Distribution
  • Time Management
    • The Golden Oldies
      • Eisenhower's Urgent/Important Principle
      • Prioritized To-Do Lists
    • New Concepts and Innovations
      • Protect Your Schedule Using "Near-Time Far-Time"
      • Spending Time "on" and "in" Your Department
      • Planned Multi-Tasking Enhances Throughput
      • Finding Department Productivity Killers
  • Asset Reuse
    • Enhance Efficiency through Tool Building
    • Economics and Benefits of Reuse
    • What They Are and How to Find Them
    • The Repurposing Process
  • Innovative Meeting Management
    • The True Cost of Meetings
    • Meeting Agendas Strategies
    • Eight Tips for Writing Great Meeting Minutes
    • Seven Ways of Controlling the Room
    • Spicing Up Staff Meetings
  • Leveraging the Zone
    • What is "Being in the Zone?"
    • Maximize Productivity by Knowing Your Zone
    • Managers, Knowledge Workers Work and Time Chunks
    • Don't Mix Operational and Non-Operational Tasks
    • Meeting Times Based on Circadian Rhythms
Productivity Pyramid System (The process to move you from #1 to #7)
  1. Goal Alignment
  2. Holistic Mindset
  3. Conducive Culture
  4. Amplification
  5. Measurement
  6. Reinvestment
  7. Reiteration
Getting your projects funded
  • Tips and techiniques to get your projects approved, prioritized and funded!
Closing Question and Thoughts

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