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Productivity Driven Success

The Hidden Secrets of Organizational Efficency
The Book
Productivity Driven Success
Hidden Secrets of Organizational Efficiency
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What's your story?
Whether you are a senior executive, individual contributor, manager, or a sole entrepreneur, everyone has a story - what they're known for on the job, even if it's only putting out fires.
Think: what could your story be IF you had the time, money and resources you needed to get the things you want done?
Being this agent of change in your company will bring great value to your organization and enhance your career. But, how do you change anything without a bigger budget, more people, and more time?
The answer is organizational efficiency. Simply put, this means producing the most output with the least input. Sounds great, but how do you do it? Find out in the groundbreaking new book - Productivity Driven Success. Click here to read the first chapter.
Based on 30 plus years of experience, research, and practice, Productivity Driven Success unmasks the secrets of organizational efficiency to show you:
  • A simple formula for measuring lost opportunity and see what it's costing your organization
  • 5 ways to discover why a colleague or employee is blocking your plan so you can turn your enemy into an ally
  • A 7 step process you can use to get your projects funded
  • 8 activities and concepts guaranteed to enhance your productivity, and give you the time, money and resources to get things done
  • How to make meetings more productive - and have less of them!
  • How to apply what you learn in this book to best fit your organization's short term business goals and long term objectives
  • Real-life case histories to inspire you to lead the change your organization needs

What industry leaders are saying:

    "Eric has explicitly captured many productivity enhancers in a manner that is easy to read, digest and most importantly, implement. Within minutes of picking up this book, I randomly turned to a page, read some of the concisely expressed material and said "Oh yeah - that makes a lot of sense!"
               --- Steve Rubinow, Former Chief Innovation Officer, NYSE  

    "An important read for CEO's who want to truly impact change throughout their company."
               --- Peter Lanciano, Former CEO and Director, Altus Pharmaceuticals  

    "All organizations want for more resources. Eric shows how to unlock them through productivity, a too often overlooked area of opportunity."
               --- Tom Catalini, CIO, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

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