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Class Description


IT Management and Leadership Professional (ITMLP(tm)) Certification Book Camp

This three-day course is rigorous and practical covering key, day-to-day issues to allow attendees to distinguish themselves as superior leaders in the highly technical, yet people-driven world of IT in the 21st Century.

The course of study and Certification have been developed by experienced, senior-level IT executives, and designed to assure that IT leaders and soon-to-be leaders have the necessary skills to bring excellence to their organizations.

This class prepares you to take the ITMLP(c) Examination, which confers the Certification can be taken conveniently from your desktop.


Cloud Computing
  • Cloud basics
  • Security considerations
  • Operational considerations
  • Data Management
Conflict Resolution
  • Conflict Strategies
  • Quick Conflict Resolution Tips
  • Conflict Resolution Process
Data Quality and Governance
  • Data Quality Requirements
  • Causes of Bad Data
  • Data Governance and Management
Dealing with Difficult Techies
  • Types of difficult techies
  • Conceptual discipline framework
  • Dealing with specific situations
IT Funding and Cost Center Management
  • Budget Components
  • IT funding and allocations
  • IT budget issues and tips
Managing Virtual Teams
  • Virtual team challenges and remedies
  • Team leadership and talent management
  • Running virtual meetings
  • Cultural intelligence
Methodology and Key Process Overview
  • Waterfall, Agile, Scrum, XP, and ITIL
  • Six Sigma and Lean IT
  • Key IT production processes
Problem Solving and Decision Making
  • Decision making and problem solving concepts
  • Root cause analysis techniques
  • Prioritization and decision making techniques
Vendor Management
  • Vendor management life cycle
  • Vendor selection and oversight
  • Outsourcing and cloud considerations
Workforce and Salary Planning
  • Project/Production Team Mathematics
  • Salaries and Career Tracks
  • Salary Planning Mathematic

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