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Class Description


IT as an Agent of Change

What are the volatile elements that cause change within IT? What can senior, middle, and first line managers do to help facilitate these changes in ways that are meaningful and can be successful for the company, the IT team and themselves?

This class outlines what must be in place for change to occur and various informal and formal methodologies to help facilitate it, on both an individual basis and regarding the IT organization as a whole.

Class Topics include:
  • Initial Thoughts on Change
  • Formal Change Methodologies
  • Changing Culture
  • How People Deal with Change
  • Making Change Succeed
  • Commitment and Buy-In
  • Four Phase Change Process
  • Implementing New Technology
  • Digital Natives and Digital Immigrants
Key Take-A-Ways:
  • An understanding the role of IT in organizational growth and change
  • Knowledge of key industry change methodologies
  • Conceptual perspective to induce change within IT and the company in general

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