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Class Description


Collaborative Consulting Skills for IT

For IT to deliver superior consulting-level results to the organization it servers, IT employees at all levels of the organization must understand how to effectively blend their technical expertise with superior communication and collaborative skills, in a wide variety of situations and with multiple stake-holder personality styles, who have varying needs and wants.

This class is specifically designed to provide technical professionals with the tools needed to provide this high level of business acumen and proactive business participation.

Class Topics include:
  • Understand & apply Five Step Consulting Model
    • S - Setting up a Relationship
    • E - Establishing Needs
    • R - Recommending Solutions
    • V - Valuing Objections
    • E - Executing - Next Steps
  • Understanding stakeholders needs
  • Demonstrating superior communication
  • Developing a personal reputation as trusted advisor
  • Using interview techniques to uncover needs
  • Successfully manage expectations
  • Inspiring long-term loyalty
  • Building collaborative and team relationships
  • Food for thought
    • Various mini-case scenarios that help illustrate pains and payoffs
Key Take-A-Ways:
  • Understanding the for SERVE consulting methodology
  • Techniques for building client trust and long term relationships
  • Ways to build your professional reputation
  • Novel approaches to communicating with internal clients and others

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