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What Great Managers Do

In cooperation with, Eric Bloom, Manager Mechanics president, created 30 practical, hands-on, and real-life management scenarios and lessons. Each scenario and lesson was selected and designed to accelerate your management knowledge and leadership success.
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These stories include:
  • Day 1: Don't Be An Accidental Manager
  • Day 2: Management Skills
  • Day 3: Learning To Manage By Watching Others
  • Day 4: Two Types of Respect
  • Day 5: Doing The Work is Different Than Leading The Work
  • Day 6: The Key Ingredients of Good Management
  • Day 7: Learn Your Craft While Helping Others
  • Day 8: Making Decisions Through Others
  • Day 9: Becoming A Manager is Like Getting Married
  • Day 10: Work Life Balance
  • Day 11: Managers Live In Fishbowls
  • Day 12: Following The Company Line
  • Day 13: Look For Hidden Skills
  • Day 14: The Danger of Secret Connections
  • Day 15: Hire To Your Weakness
  • Day 16: Not Making A Decision Is A Decision
  • Day 17: Seize The Teaching Moment
  • Day 18: Discipline One For The Productivity of Everyone
  • Day 19: Following Your Own Vision
  • Day 20: Have Kids? You Have Management Experience
  • Day 21: Keeping Your Promises
  • Day 22: Enhancing Your Productivity
  • Day 23: Manage The Person Not The Job
  • Day 24: Sing Your Team's Praises
  • Day 25: Delegation
  • Day 26: Giving Presentations
  • Day 27: How To Handle Managing Friends
  • Day 28: Friends Come and Go, Enemies Accumulate
  • Day 29: Changing Your Department's Culture
  • Day 30: Your Skill Set Will Change When You Become A Manager

CLICK HERE, sign up today
and receive one story per day for thirty days!

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