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Example Business Cases used in Training

Projects are late, over budget, and not meeting user needs

. . . Kerry Oki, the VP of Technology called Ivana Gooddata, the Director of Software Systems into his office and told her he just returned from a three day offsite meeting with the company's senior management team. He went on to tell Ivana that the VPs of Finance, HR, Sales & Marketing, and Important Stuff were very unhappy with the quality of internally developed software and the number of issues with current projects. Kerry then told Ivana that these issues must be corrected before the CEO, Ima Lizard, and the rest of the senior management team loses confidence in them both . . .

Gene Poole is replaced by Patty O'Furniture

. . . After a long discussion, Gene, and his boss Rusty Steel, decided to promote a member of Gene's team into the manager role. Patty O'Furniture had been with the company for about five years, had done great work, and exhibited great leadership potential. Patty was very excited about the news, but at the same time was very nervous . . .

It must be IT audit season

. . . After not being audited in over a year, it seems to Rusty Steel, the Director of Infrastructure, that everyone wants to audit his group at the same time. In fact he received the following three calls the same week from internal audit, the external auditors, and the head of sales regarding a client due diligence audit. Rusty believes that his organization is generally in very good shape for these audits, but audits in general make him very nervous. From past experience, also he knows that audits can be very demanding on his staff's time . . .

Training System Selection

. . . Anita Goodpeople, the VP of Human Resource was approached by the Director of Learning, Wanda Learnalot, regarding the selection and purchase of a new Learning Management System (LMS).
Wanda said that after extensive research, she has settled on the LMS software application that she believes contains the features and capabilities needed to meet Chameleon Company's short term and long term training needs. The software is available as both traditional software purchase and as cloud computing based service. What should be done? . . .

Kerry Oki hires Lois Price to help reduce vendor costs

. . . Kerry Oki, the VP of Technology was reviewing his monthly Budget vs. Actual Cost Center Report and realized that his group's vendor-based expenses were getting out of control. He was staying within his overall budget, but felt that more efficient vendor management would save his group money that could be put to other uses.

EIS Implementation and Data Governance

. . . Chameleon Company CEO, Ima Lizard, has developed an uneasy feeling that she doesn't have a good up-to-the-minute understanding of company financials, sales pipeline, and key company success factors. As a result, she calls a meeting with Kerry Oki, the VP of Technology and asked for a single new report containing information from multiple parts of the company. Kerry said that he thought the report was a great idea but it would take a while to produce. The reason for the delay was that the various internal systems containing the data were not connected.
Upon analyzing company wide data, he realizes there were some big problems that must be addressed . . .

Guy is looking for good technical skills for his team

. . . Guy Numbers is the Manager of Financial Systems. In his previous role, within the Finance Group, Guy interviewed and hired a number of candidates. Therefore, he understands the company's hiring process. However, those hired were for Finance jobs where his domain expertise is highest. Now he is looking to add to his new technical staff. This will be his first purely technical hire and the first time he has sourced, interviewed and hired in IT . . .

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