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MM GiveBack © Program

The Manager Mechanics GivingBack © Program is our way of sharing our talent with the regional
business community and is designed to allow the company to offer a customized management training program
to a selected regional non-profit each fiscal year. The agreed-upon program is offered at no charge to the organization.
The training series is provided to the management team, often over the course of a few months, and is geared toward helping them achieve their organizational goals. The training is meant to help management maintain a quality staff, create the best possible work environment for all staff, help subordinates with personal and professional growth through honest and meaningful feedback and manage well in the challenging world of non-profits.
The program is important to us and allows us to do our part to share resources within the regional business community each year . . . and especially in a year that has been so difficult for so many.
Quote from a recipient of the Manager Mechanics GivingBack © Program
"If we can build upon this and create an even better organization, we will have achieved our goals with Manager Mechanics."

Robert Johnson
President & CEO
Special Olympics Massachusetts

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