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Industry Leading Content and Expertise
Manager Mechanics is an industry leader in IT leadership and IT soft skills training with the proven ability to deliver training in multiple formats, including the classroom, live online, and via web-based on-demand video.
With thousands of pages of training materials, representing over one hundred IT Leadership and IT Soft Skills topics, Manager Mechanics has the unique ability to tailor private corporate classes to meet the specific business and training needs of its clients.
Manager Mechanics also teaches public classes in cooperation with its business partners.

Building a New Kind of IT Leader
At Manager Mechanics, we understand that IT is in the midst of a significant paradigm shift, evolving from merely supporting the technological needs of an enterprise to potentially driving revenue through innovative business processes.
However, not all IT organizations are prepared to make this shift, which creates a critical challenge for IT leaders. IT executives - from CIOs to individual team leaders - must create organizations that prioritize services to business customers while driving innovation in an environment of rapidly evolving technology.
To address these challenges, Manager Mechanics helps IT organizations build deep and broad leadership teams through hands-on, practical leadership, business, and management training programs that are designed specifically for IT.
We work with people that are primarily technologists who want to improve their leadership, management, and business skills so they can efficiently and effectively run revenue-generating, innovative IT organizations.
Our curriculum was developed by a former Fortune 500 CIO, so it focuses on key organizational issues that IT leaders are facing today, such as how to become a business technology driven organization. In addition to leadership and management programs, we offer programs for everyday business challenges, such as running an efficient cost center and adapting an IT team to rapidly evolving technology like virtualization and cloud computing.

Building a Stronger, More Effective IT
Manager Mechanics programs increase the flexibility and organizational adaptability of you and your team, which in turn maximizes IT management bench strength, improves client service, drives innovation, and increases productivity.
And as experts in IT leadership training, we can help you reduce the high cost of failure for IT managers who have little or no management training. Our programs help increase staff retention, which will help your organization maintain key institutional knowledge and shorten learning curves.
While accelerating professional and personal career goals, Manager Mechanics training programs also have a profound effect throughout an IT organization, with long-lasting, positive culture-changing benefits.

Flexible Learning Formats
Because people like to learn differently, Manager Mechanics has developed a flexible framework that fits each individual's preferred style of training. We offer a blended-learning approach that includes classroom, webinar, eLearning, and post-training components; we also use gamification strategies, mechanisms, and techniques to enhance learning effectiveness.
In addition, we provide customizable training programs that can be tailored to all or part of an IT organization, with either onsite or remote training options. And we offer executive coaching for companies that are looking for insights on how to successfully build out their IT staff.

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